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A dry and impeccably clean floor awaits you when you use Magiclean Floor Cleaner! Formulated with Japan advanced R&D, Magiclean Floor Cleaner’s improved formula not only dries quickly, it also removes dust and greasy dirt for a non-sticky floor with a comfortable foot feel.  

The new formula also help to kill 99.9% bacteria and leaves behind no watermarks. Only Magiclean can provide your floor with the perfect cleanliness that pampers the soles of your feet and allow them to move freely without any discomfort or burden! Trust us, not only your feet can tell the difference, your family would agree too!

Moreover, Magiclean Floor Cleaner now comes in an improved and sleek bottle design with 2 new fragrances – Refreshing Green Apple and Flower Bliss.

Removes greasy dirt and oil stains for areas like the kitchen that may require more rigorous cleaning. Kills 99.9% bacteria, working on even the microscopic level to keep your floor truly clean and protecting your family from harmful germs.

Dries with no stickiness, residue or watermarks. Enjoy the comfortable foot feel and long lasting freshness. Dries quickly to prevent downtime due to slippery floors.

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