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Be in control! Get rid of bad smells effectively!

Do you feel conscious of a lingering food smell after indulging in an awesome and greasy lunch at a Korean restaurant/hawker centre? Worried that you might smell “funny” to others after a session at the gym? Use Magiclean Fabric Freshener! Its formulation developed by Japan advanced R&D is effective in killing odour form the source (instead of merely masking it with fragrance) so that it does not return for up to 24 hours! It is also suitable for eliminating tobacco odour and killing bacteria in hard to wash items. Be in control and eliminate odour with Magiclean Fabric Freshener!

Strong penetrative formula of the highest quality!

Penetrates deeply into fabric fibres, taking care of not only surface bacteria, but getting rid of it from the inside out!

Unique trigger technology that dispenses micro-mist spray. One spray covers more area so that cleaning becomes less effortful!

Formulated with natural deodorizing ingredients to completely neutralize odour and prevent it from returning for up to 24 hours!

Kills 99.9% bacteria

Made in Japan

Suitable for:
  • Removing sweat, food and cigarette odour from clothing or other fabric items
  • Getting rid of bacteria from hard to wash items like comforter, pillows, curtains and carpet
  • Removing bacteria and odour from un-washables like car seat, sofa and mattress

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