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Magiclean Wiper Range

Wiper Mop
A revolutionary cleaning tool with dual usage innovation to transform the way you clean!

Dual Cleaning Capability
Wipe or Mop? It's your pick with our choice of dry or wet sheets. Magiclean Wiper Mop acts as both a broom and mop to effectively clean up your house with minimal effort!

360 Wiper Head Rotation

Swivel the Wiper mop around chair legs or objects and enjoy cleaning with absolute ease!
Innovative Curved
Cushion Head

Improved with a slight curve and a unique circular pattern, Magiclean Wiper mop boasts an unparalleled ability to trap dirt, dust and hair!

Ultra Slim Head

With a Wiper head that is only 2.8cm thick, you can reach into previously untouched narrow spaces to get rid of all the trapped dust!

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