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Bacteria can breed in many areas of your house

Do you know that bacteria breeds in dirt and stains that are not thoroughly cleaned away during your usual cleaning routine with ordinary cleaners?

This can threaten the health of your family members, especially infants and young children who are more susceptible to diseases.


Protect your family with Magiclean

Keep these areas of your house clean & hygienic with Magiclean’s range of anti-bacterial cleaning products!


  • The floor is the largest surface area in your house where your feet are in contact with daily, and where young children play on. Keep it clean and hygienic with:

    Magiclean Floor Cleaner

    • Remove greasy dirt and oil stains
    • Dries quickly with a comfortable foot feel
    • Kills 99.9% bacteria

    Alternatively, use Magiclean Wiper Mop paired with Magiclean Wet Sheets which also kill 99.9% bacteria.

  • The dining table, kitchen counter and baby high chair are common areas where food preparation is done and meals are taken, so it is crucial to keep them bacteria-free with a gentle and safe surface cleaner.

    Magiclean Natural Plant-Based Surface Cleaner (Limited Edition)

    • Made with 100% naturally-derived cleaning agents
    • Effectively removes food grease and stains
    • Kills 99% bacteria

    Please refer to usage instructions here.

  • Hard-to-wash fabrics like cushions, fabric sofa, mattresses and soft toys are potential breeding grounds for bacteria which you are often in contact with. Maintain the hygiene of such hard-to-wash items with:

    Magiclean Fabric Freshener

    • Strong penetrative power works deep inside fabrics
    • Kills 99.9% bacteria
    • Made with natural deodorising extracts to neutralise odour for up to 24 hours

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