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Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchen Bleach

Floor Cleaner


Oil stains and grime on stoves

Spillage and splashes from your culinary adventures may leave stubborn stain on your hob. Clean them up in a jiffy with Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner that is equipped with Foam Power to break down and remove even the toughest stains

Oil stains and grime on cooker hoods

The fumes from whipping up a storm on the stove inevitably leaves behind oil stains and grime on the cooker hood. Use Magiclean Kitchen cleaner to effortlessly remove them!

Dirty kitchen sinks

Keep your kitchen sink as clean as if its is brand new! Clean away all stubborn dirt and stains with Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner!

Stains and food particles on kitchen worktops

The chaos whilst preparing your dishes often leaves your kitchen worktop dirtied with sauce stains and food particles. Use Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner to remove them all with a single wipe!

Dirty fridge doors

Fridge doors tend to get grimy and oily as fumes from cooking diffuse around the kitchen. Use Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner to wipe down your fridge doors to keep it spotless and grime-free!


Dirty kitchen utensils

Get rid of stubborn stain and bacteria on kitchen utensils with Magiclean Kitchen Bleach! It effectively deodorises and disinfects kitchen utensils and is safe to use on all kitchen utensils.


Dirty kitchen floor

Kitchen floors tend to feel greasy and oily as fumes from cooking diffuse around the kitchen. Use Magiclean Floor Cleaner to mop up any stickiness and stains effortlessly, leaving behind a clean, subtle fragrance and comfortable foot feel.