Multi-purpose Disinfectant

Stain & Mold Remover

Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner

Pipe & Sink Declogger

Toilet Bleach

Dual Power Toilet Cleaner

Daily Care Toilet Foam Spray


Across living room, dining room, bedroom floors etc.

Hard surfaces

Such as furnitures, kitchen, toilet, surfaces of electric appliances etc.

High touch points

Such as door knobs, remote control, switches etc.


Baby/child care

Such as toys, high chairs, playing mat etc.

Mold buildup on shower screens and silicon lining

Unsightly clusters of black mold spots tend to appear on shower screens and silicon linings in the bathroom after a period of time. Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold Remover combats this problem with its quick and effective removal!

Mold buildup between grooves of wall tiles

Get rid of the mold buildup between the grooves of your bathroom tiles! Simply spritz Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold Remover to keep your bathroom looking as good as new!

Dirty bathroom sinks

Give your sink a good scrub down with Magiclean Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner to keep it sparkling clean and perfumed with a fresh lavender scent!

Dirt and stains around the bathroom

Remove stubborn stains around the whole bathroom leaving it shiny and clean!

Stains around washbasin top

Thoroughly clean the area around your washbasin with Magiclean Bathroom Cleaner to remove any unsightly stain or dirt build-up

Toughest pipe clogs

Strong penetrative gel that dissolves hair and grease to clear tough clogs for smooth water flow. Kills 99.9% bacteria. Anti-odour.

Dirty toilet bowls

Simply apply Magiclean Toilet Bleach Power Cleaner onto the toilet bowl surface and leave for 2 minutes. No need to scrub, just flush to see the difference.

Dirty toilet bowls

Simply apply Magiclean Dual Power Toilet Cleaner onto the toilet bowl surface and brush gently to remove any stains. Flush to create the unique protective layer that prevents accumulation of stains for up to 60 flushes.

Dirty toilet bowl, seat and cover

Keep your private spaces clean and hygienic by using Magiclean Daily Care Toilet Foam Spray. It can be used to clean insides of toilet bowl, toilet bowl seat and cover. Simply spray and rinse daily for a squeaky clean toilet.